Visit Havana & Meet the Team

Behind the classic cars and colorful buildings of old Cuba, there’s a quiet transformation happening in Cuban culture and business—one you can experience firsthand.

Experience Havana and meet the team.

Come learn what happens when technology, culture and business come together on this authentic Cuban immersion.

Get to know their talent and see how Cuban ingenuity paired with American know-how can bring fresh ideas and solutions to your own business.


What will you experience on your Cuba trip?

See Havana as the locals do, strolling down its cobbled streets, through lively public squares and past majestic fortresses and buildings in Art Deco and Baroque styles. Led by local artists, architects, and our Cuban friends, the entire trip is a safe and enjoyable look at Cuba’s past and progress.

Enjoy live music, dine at Cuba’s favorite restaurants and interact with Havana locals who are eager to show you the best their city has to offer.

What will you experience on your Cuba trip?
Concierge and Guides

You will be meet by our personal English-speaking concierge and guides, ensuring your trip is comfortable, authentic and enjoyable throughout your stay.

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La Reserva in Vedado

La Reserva, a boutique luxury hotel in a recently-renovated colonial style mansion, has a tropical garden that is the ideal place to eat, drink and relax after browsing the hotel’s art gallery with hand-picked paintings by Cuba ́s best contemporary artists.

Plus, you’ll only be steps away from Malecón, Cuba’s famous esplanade that stretches for five miles along the coast of Cuba.

Accommodation: In single rooms on a B & B basis

Van with driver and full-time guide at disposal from 4th – 7th April 2019

Cigar Factory Tour

Private tour of a cigar factory with exclusive access of rooms not generally available.

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Architectural Tour

Colonial architecture background helped by the previous Old Havana Walking tour. We’ll drive by Prado Ave, a very special area that was rebuild after they took down the Havana’s wall. Prado ends at Reina Ave, an eclectic area that emerged after the overpopulation from Old Havana. Diez de Octubre neighbourhood was the first residential neighbourhood in the city, dated from 19th century, after this one, some others like Vedado and Nuevo Vedado emerged, starting in the 20th century and evolving till the 50’s. And the last one but not the least, Miramar neighbourhood wish shined during the 50’s and is house today of most of the Embassys from Havana.

Panoramic Havana Vintage Car Ride

Return to La Reserva to relax before Panoramic drive in vintage cars around 5th Avenue, Siboney and Cubanacan to see the enormous mansions of the rich and famous who once inhabited them.

Famously, Cuba’s cars are comprised of vintage American iron, kept alive by the very Cuban innovation and ingenuity that now influences its entrepreneurs.

You’ll enjoy Cuba from the seat of a vintage car with all the chrome, class and style you’d expect.

Lunch and Cultural exchange with a top Cuban economist

Lunch in Miramar and a cultural exchange with a top Cuban economist.

Havana Airport Arrival

VIP reception at Havana airport and ride in one of Castro’s Soviet era Chiaka limousines from Havana airport.

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Classic Car Tour

2-hour Panoramic Tour around Vedado, Centro Havana, Old Havana and the Fortress across the Bay.

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Dinner at La Guarida

Special welcome dinner at La Guarida on the private terrace and private musical performance by Idania Valdez (BVSC) (included).

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Cigar and Rum tasting with cigar expert

Enjoy a private cigar and rum tasting after with local experts.